Discover Your Purpose Today!

I love being around people who are filled with an infectious enthusiasm for life.

They are inspiring and energize me to accomplish my own goals.

Wouldn’t you like to be the person that others crave to be around—that person filled with purpose and a passion for life?

Stop wishing you could be, and decide that you will be.

The first step is to shield yourself from the noise of the outside world, and listen to what your gut is telling you. Depending on your lifestyle, you can achieve this through prayer, meditation or by simply closing your eyes and allowing yourself to be in the present moment.

Pay attention to the thoughts and ideas that come to you during your time of reflection. Write down your observations in a notebook to help you identify patterns and to inspire you to achieve your goals.

The second step is to identify your personal strengths and use them to get the life that you desire. What can you do better than anyone else? Have you been complimented for a particular skill? Do others seek your advice and counsel? Discover your natural talents and abilities; this will help you lay the groundwork for a passion-filled life.

What things energize you, even when you are tired? Are there any activities that are so engrossing that you lose all track of time? Do you enjoy giving to others? The ways in which you make the world a better place or contribute to the lives of others are sign posts leading you toward your purpose.

Get in touch with your personal passion and purpose by focusing on the people, places and things that inspire you most. Take a look at how you spend your time, money and energy; this can be a valuable indicator in your search for passion and purpose.
Keep a personal journal to ensure that you stay on the track toward a purpose-filled life.

Make your first journal entry a written contract with yourself to validate your commitment to live abundantly. Include a vivid description of this ideal life, and spend time each day becoming emotionally attached to it. Again, this can be achieved via prayer, meditation, visualization, daily affirmations or other activities tied to your goals.

Create a collage that represents your path, dreams and desires; give it a personal touch with pictures, quotes and mementos. Hang the collage in a location where you can see it each day; it will remind you of where you are going and where you need to place your energy and resources.

Make daily plans to do something that engages you in your new sense of purpose. The little things that you do everyday will help you build the monument of your life. I encourage you to keep a pebble in your pocket as a physical and visual reminder of the things you are doing each day to lay the groundwork toward your bliss.

Set short- and long-term goals (30-, 60- and 90- day goals as well as six-month and one-year goals); they will help you stay the course. Write down each goal and list the things you are willing do to achieve them.

Decide today to live a rich, abundant and radiant life that makes the world a better place for you and those whose lives you touch.

Carrie Ann Cherup, MA, LCPC, is a licensed clinical professional counselor and clinical director of the Hope Enrichment Center in Oak Lawn, IL.

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