Life Coaching: Offering Guidance on the Path to Your Success

Are you having difficulty setting and achieving goals in your personal or professional life?

Do you need help in defining your priorities?

Is your creativity being blocked?

Do you want to explore your spiritual self?

Do you desire to live life with more passion, meaning and courage?

If you are interested in personal growth, desire to improve your life and/or career skills or just want to realize your full physical, mental or emotional potential, you could benefit from the assistance of a life coach. Life coaches or executive coaches, as they are sometimes called, can help you turn your dreams into reality.

At the core of the life coaching process is an ongoing partnership between equals in which one partner supplies focus, structure and support to the other in order to help that partner achieve career, business, relationship, family, physical, spiritual, personal and creativity goals.

A personal coach can help you manage your time more effectively; deepen your learning and understanding, improve your performance and enhance your quality of life.

A life coach will work with you to set clear goals and develop a plan to reach those goals. Her job is to push you to do more than you would or could have done on your own. Your life coach will encourage you to focus your energy on producing results quickly.

A good coach will provide you with the tools, support and structure that you need to accomplish more. Your coach’s job is to help you identify your goals, provide support as you develop your own goal-oriented strategies and solutions and, ultimately, hold you accountable for the achievement of those goals.

Life coaching is often mistakenly associated with psychotherapy. Although many psychotherapists and psychologists offer coaching services, life coaching differs from traditional therapy in many ways. Coaching is about self-growth not about solving a clinical problem (e.g., depression, anxiety, OCD, etc.).

A life coach can help you overcome the common obstacles to peak performance, such as lack of a clear vision, poor self-care, inability to manage time and lack of confidence. Coaches are not required to carry a license or certification in the field of human or health services. Coaches come from various backgrounds including business, finance, human resources, etc. Finally, coaching services are not covered under health insurance.

When hiring a coach, be sure to ask about her training, credentials and area of expertise. Most coaches specialize in a particular area, e.g., entrepreneurs, recent graduates, executives, families, etc. It also is important to ask for references from past or current clients. They can give you important testimonials about the coach’s style, expectations and ability.  Professional mentors or life coaches can have an enormous impact on your personal and professional success.

About the Author

Carrie Ann Cherep, MA, LCPC, is a licensed clinical professional counselor, life/business coach and the clinical director of the Hope Enrichment Center in Oak Lawn.

Contact her at 708-499-8033  to learn more about the benefits of life coaching.


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