Believe You Can

That idea has been on your mind for the last year, well maybe a little longer than that.

It started with a random thought that you tossed aside, but it kept coming back while you sat in traffic, waited at your doctor’s appointment, as you exercised.

You decided to jot down a few notes, do a little research, and weigh the pros and cons.

Then you abandoned the idea, you slid your notepad underneath a pile of bills on your desk, you became preoccupied with work, with home, with family.

Several months have passed and you come across your notes while cleaning off your desk. The spark of interest comes back as you glance over the page. You begin to remember why you were so excited before and that same feeling comes back, but even stronger.

This time you decide what can it possibly hurt if you do a bit more research, give your idea more time and energy and focus. Yes, there is that small bit of doubt nagging in the back of your mind.

What if you don’t have the resources to make it happen? What if you don’t get any support from family and friends? What if it really isn’t that good of an idea? What if…? What if…? What if…?

What if you enjoy the process of moving your idea forward? What if you find that you can make it happen? What if you begin to b-e-l-i-e-v-e that you will not only make it happen, but believe that you will be successful.

Then, you remember part of a motivational quote that you read once, so you go and Google the word “Believe” and there it is on your computer screen.. the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

So go ahead, move forward, don’t give up…you’re almost there.


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