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Is Choosing the Right Swimsuit a State of Mind?

Swimsuit shopping can be a daunting task for those women who are less than thrilled with their figures. In fact a recent study talked about by ABC News, but conducted by an Australian psychologist, suggest that swimsuit shopping drives women wild…

The Look of Success

Image and Success

Success is measured not only by your accomplishments, but also by your image. Respect the value of the first impression, and appeal to the senses of others…

Womens Basic Wardrobe

Top Ten Wardrobe Basics

Every woman wants to look effortlessly stylish and pulled together. Being able to reach into the closet and pull out the perfect ensemble every time doesn’t necessarily have to take the better part of your morning or a small fortune.

All you need are the basics. By that I mean the bare-bones basic clothing items that every woman should have in her closet at all times, no matter the season, no matter the trend. Think timeless and classic; then build from there…

Moody Mamas: Cool Clothes for Pregnant Women 1

Moody Mamas: Cool Clothes for Pregnant Women

The Moody Mamas spring line of maternity clothes hits the virtual racks this week at Target and you don’t want to miss it—these fashionable new styles are sure to sell out! With a devout following of hot Hollywood mamas that includes Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, Tori Spelling and Bethenny Frankel, Moody Mamas’ colorful spring capsule collection will make every expectant mom look as sexy and chic as our celebrity clients.

Shabby Apple

Shabby Apple Sends a Strong Message

Everyday young women are bombarded with conflicting messages about what kind of person they should grow up to be. Fortunately there are still positive messages & role models for them.

The Look of Summer

Six Summer Style Must-Haves

Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. That’s the advice my grandmother used to give me when I would start on my summer wish list for warmer weather, longer days, a new party dress or my first pair of real heels.

Fall Fashions

Latest Trends for Spring Fashion

Every fashionista worth her Fendi knows that black is slimming. It is a basic fact of fashion life, one that has been drilled into our souls since our little sausage bodies were encased in leotards and tights in Miss Betty’s dance class.

Fashion The Savvy Woman

5 Hottest Looks for Fall

Must admit that my dampened spirits were immensely perked when I unwrapped a gorgeous handbag, along with the note: To Darling She She, for all your hard work while I play. xoxo, Lady Boss.

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