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Helena Rogers of SavvyWomanBlog.com
Helena Rogers of SavvyWomanBlog.com
Helena Rogers of SavvyWomanBlog.com

My name is Helena Rogers and I am in the midst of my own personal Reinvention Plan, Act 2, Re-launch my Kite, Re-energize my Spirit phase of my life.

I Bet We Have A Lot In Common

For the past several years, I have mostly devoted my time to nurturing and raising my two children with the goal of having them become productive, well-rounded young adults. I’m pretty sure that is the goal of most parents, right… LOL.

Things I’ve Done Over the Years

During this time I have had quite a bit of flexibility so I have had the opportunity to develop different skills, try new experiences and find my true passion.

I have:

  • Done sales/fundraising…didn’t like that
  • Owned and published a woman’s news-magazine…loved that
  • Launched and facilitated a series of seminars for women…loved that
  • Been a project coordinator for a non-profit organization…enjoyed that
  • Proofread and edited various documents, publications, websites, etc. for clients…some days I liked that
  • Became the content manager/publisher for a few websites…liked that
  • …And much more

I Love to Help Other Women!

I have found that I am very passionate about not only reinventing myself, re-launching my kite and re-energizing my spirit, but I am also passionate about helping other women do the same.

Checkout the Savvy Woman Blog

After a few years of allowing the Savvy Woman Blog to drift aimlessly through the Internet, I have decide to re-launch it and put considerable time, energy, and focus into making it the place where women feel they much come to be encouraged, inspired, and informed.

While I am busy relaunching the Savvy Woman Blog, I remain a devoted wife and mom who would shop and eat banana splits every single day…if I could. I also love watching old black and white movies on TCM and reading mysteries.

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