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Image of a garden for garden preparation

Thinking of Spring: Spring Garden Preparation Made Easy

Garden Preparation Need Not be Difficult Maybe it was your neighbor’s tomatoes that did it, or the butterfly garden you saw in the park. Perhaps it was a flush of impatiens, lighting up a shade-dappled spot at an outdoor mall. Whatever it was, you’ve decided that next year, you’re going to have a garden. While […]

How to Avoid Spring Digging Injuries in the Garden 1

How to Avoid Spring Digging Injuries in the Garden

With spring comes the urge to plant. And that means digging. Are you aware of what digging does to your risk for injury? By nature, we humans are creatures of habit. So if we dig planting holes with the left leg on the spade and the right leg in back, chances are we always dig in that configuration. Over time, this creates imbalanced muscle groups throughout the legs, pelvis, trunk and even shoulders and arms.