Different, But Wonderful

Have you had the conversation with your children about the fact that everybody is different, but that there is something great about each one of us?

There may be other kids in their classrooms or even friends that they have who may be a little smarter in math, or a better athlete, have a certain musical talent, or may even be a little more “popular” than they are.

We have no problem explaining to our children how wonderful they are as we point out the qualities, talents and abilities that they possess.

Have you had to have the conversation with yourself? As Mom’s we tend to put so much pressure on ourselves trying to be a “SUPER MOM”.

We want to come up with all of the witty ideas during the playgroups, be the best soccer Mom as we shuttle our kids from one activity to another, cook fun foods for dinner, maintain an immaculate home and have the ability to multi-task like no body else.

If you are anything like me you may come up a little short in some of these areas and a few more, but…. I know that there are things that I do well as a mother and some things that I definitely need to work on. I have different talents, abilities, and qualities that make me the best mom that I can be.

I’m not perfect, I’m DIFFERENT, BUT WONDERFUL and so are you!!!!!!

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