Where has the Time Gone?

Guest Blogger: Johnny Rogers

I recently visited a web site where the author posted an article asking “Where has the year Gone“. In her article, Tania McCartney mentioned that the year had just started and before she knew it, it was June.

She also stated that before we know it, it will be Christmas, she reminisces about how she could have sworn, that she had just taken the tree down.

She tells how time literally stands still for kids; they live such different lives than adults and that’s a good thing…right. The overall moral of the post is how fast time comes and goes.

As I reflected on her question, I could not help but begin to ask myself the following question… “Where has the time gone?”

It seems like just yesterday that my kids were young tikes. Now one is in college and youngest one almost beat me in a game of basketball the other day, boy that would have been tough to live down.

They have grown up so fast… Despite having spent so many days with them and lots of quality and quantity time, I still feel like I have missed something.  Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed the time but it has really gone fast…

How about you? As parents, has the time with your kids gone too fast?

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