It’s 2020 and Once Again… Where Has All the Time Gone

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I wrote a short post back in 2009. Fast Forward… That was eleven (11) years ago.

It’s the Year 2020

It’s now the year 2020 and my kids are all grown up and have moved out of our house.¬†¬†Both have gone on to high school and have graduated from college and are living on their own.

My daughter who is the oldest, has graduated from the University of Missouri (Mizzou). She holds a degree in journalism and has a very successful career with one of the top PR firms in the country.

My son recently graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in mechanical engineering. He also has written five books of 250 pages or more. He wrote four of them while in college.

I am very proud of them both, it’s a good thing that they take after their mom… LOl!

As I mentioned in the previous post… “Where has has all the time gone?“.

I have to admit, that while my wife and I get along great and we now have plenty of time for each other, I do miss them.

Helena and Johnny Rogers

The House Is Quiet and It’s Weird

There is a quietness in the house that is just weird to me. If you are a parent, you know what I mean. When your kids are at home there’s a busy-ness to your house and a certain amount of noise that fills it.

You get use to it and eventually learn to tune it all out. On the first floor there’s my daughter, watching TV and talking on the phone all while doing her home work.

Then there’s my son in the basement playing video games with a couple of his friends. When he wasn’t playing videos games I could hear him dribbling a basketball on the basement floor.

But now as I walk from one level of my house to another, there’s just silence. The noise is gone and I miss it. I talk to both of them quite often and the family gets together as much as we can.

We have an amazing time and we make new memories. But the magic of the noise is no longer there.

“The Magic Of The Noise Is No Longer There.”

Cherish the Time You Have with Your Kids

Me and My kids

My advice to all parents, especially fathers… Enjoy it while you can because times tends to fly when you are having fun.

Before you know it the noise will be gone and you too will find your self saying… “Where has all the time gone?

Best Regards!

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