What’s Next?

You just lost your job, or maybe you just got a promotion at work. You just realized that you won’t be able to fit into any of your summer clothes from last year because of a little weight gain. You realize that your youngest child is now in all day kindergarten or that maybe your youngest child now has a full-time job and is preparing to move out of the house so now you are an “empty nester”.

There are so many changes that happen in our lives-some expected and some unexpected and it is during these times that we find ourselves asking the question-“What next?” What do I do now that I am unemployed, have more responsibilities at work, have more free time on my hands, etc.,etc.

While some people may look at life changes with dread or anxiety, I think that this is a perfect opportunity to “reinvent” yourself. I am reading Brian Tracy’s book Reinvention-How To Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life which has proven to be exactly what I need at this stage in my own life. I have found myself getting more excited about what lies ahead for me, excited about the opportunities that I will be able to take advantage of, and excited about accomplishing the goals that I have set for myself.

How about you? What’s next for you? As you sit down to figure it out, don’t forget to  look at it as an exciting adventure!!!

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