Summer Action Steps for Your Cold Weather Clothes

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We finally have warm, summery weather, so go out and enjoy it!  But one day this week, spend just a little time working on your winter wardrobe, too.   Investing a little time now will save you lots of time this Fall!

Here are 5 suggestions to help you clean your closet and organize it for the winter season!

1. Take your heavy, cold weather clothes to the cleaners this week.  Items like coats and sweaters should go now, while you don’t need them and won’t miss them!  This is a great time to take in your heavy blankets and comforters, too.

2. Closely review your winter clothes, and make repairs (or take them to a tailor). Now is the time to tighten buttons, replace zippers, and clean up hems, or make more major alterations.

3. For your cleaning and tailoring, don’t forget to note the date on your calendar when they will be finished so that you can go and pick up your items!

4. Organize or host an accessory (belts, scarves, signature jewelry pieces, bags, etc) swap with friends.  It’s a fun way to shake up your wardrobe without cluttering up your closet or spending money.  Everyone goes home happy with “new-to-you” accessories.
5. Review your cold weather clothes now, and purge accordingly.

  • You may find it easier to let things go when you’re reviewing them off season!
  • I store my off-season clothes in canvas containers in the top shelf of my closet.  Slowly, the containers have been getting fuller and fuller. Seeing the collection grow is my cue to purge!
  • Determine how many of each type of clothing is “enough” (5 pairs of jeans?), how many is too many (any more than 5!) and purge accordingly.

Carve out just a little time this week to review and take care of your cold weather clothes. You’ll thank yourself when the weather turns cool again!

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