Should I Expect Direct Deposit or a Check in the Mail?

I think that I read it somewhere, so this isn’t a new revelation, but what would be so bad about “bailing” out average, hard-working American citizens.

In my scenario we would each receive a million dollars:

  • 20% would have to be given right off the top to a charity. What better way to start off being a millionaire than to give some of it away.
  • 25% would have to be invested, but be careful who you invest with.
  • 10% would have to be used to set up college scholarships for future college students in our town/city. We have to invest in our future generations, right?
  • 10% should be donated to our local municipality to be used to help with police and fire departments
  • Pay off all of our outstanding bills/credit cards and vow never to carry a balance from one month to the next.
  • We should be able to treat ourselves to a small shopping spree since we are average, hard working Americans and this will also help stimulate the economy, I think…..
  • Save some for an “emergency rainy day fund”

Don’t you think that if we followed this scenario, the United States would be able to come out of this recession and all of us would have helped this happen.

If we can all agree, I will certainly place a call to our President-elect. Let me know what you think.

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