Falling off the Wagon

A few weeks ago Oprah Winfrey told all of the world that she had “fallen of the wagon” as it relates to her weight issues and that she really felt bad about that. Here she is one of richest women in the world and certainly one of the most famous, but yet she has struggles just like everyone else.

Isn’t it amazing how we automatically think that just because someone is rich and famous that they have not a problem or care in the world?  Life is the great equalizer because no matter who we are we are always going to encounter some type of problem, especially when it comes to our “inner selves”. Just think, your “falling of the wagon” might not be from trying to eat healthy and exercise, but maybe it is something totally different.

I can certainly understand Oprah’s dilemma, but at least she was on the wagon. I must confess,I haven’t been on the wagon of exercising and eating healthy in such a long time that I wouldn’t know what the wagon would look like even if it came back and rolled over me.

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