Can I have it All?

A handsome and supportive husband, well behaved, intelligent children, a job paying 6 figures that utilizes my many talents and skills, a beautiful well kept and sparkling clean home, and the energy and enthusiasm to be wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, volunteer and PTO board member….NOT

There are a few of these things that I do have-my husband is handsome and supportive; the majority of the time my children are well-behaved, but are always intelligent. I haven’t been able to turn my considerable talents and skills into a job or venture that pays me the 6 figure salary.

I try to be the good wife, doting mother, concerned daughter, always there sister and aunt, “call me anytime volunteer and PTO board member”, but I must admit that at times the energy and enthusiasm just isn’t there.

Should I now reconcile myself to the fact that I “can’t have it all”? Something will always be shortchanged and I believe that for now it will be the job with the 6 figure salary and the sparkling clean house.

To be honest, I think that I’m okay with that. I’ll be okay with the people who surround me who while they don’t put the money in my pocket, they do fill my heart with joy…… (That sounds pretty corny, doesn’t it, but it’s so very true).

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