How to Make Everyday a Holiday

We go to work, come home, spend our weekends running errands and then another week begins and we start all over again.

Before we know it another week passes, a month, 6 month and then another year. We get so busy with life and living life that we forget how to enjoy life.

We all look forward to birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and other major holidays, but these don’t come around very often, so there has to be a way for us to make every  special, to make every day a holiday.

Silvana Clark has a book entitled, “Every Day a Holiday” where she has compiled a list of holidays that can be celebrated throughout the year.

There are fun, wonderful days that can be celebrated such as: Wild Bird Feeding Month, National Trails Day, Build A Scarecrow Day, Teddy Bear Picnic Day, and the list goes on and on.

We can all start by deciding to make each day special and then take the steps to make it happen.

Start today, to make “Every Day a Holiday”!

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