Ladies: Use QuickBooks to Save Time & Money

Women Behind the Scenes

Studies show that the finances of most small businesses are managed by women, you know: wives, girlfriends and daughters, “The Women of the House”. The very smart ones use QuickBooks to save time and money.

Why Use QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is very powerful accounting software that makes tracking and managing the finances of your business a much easier task. It’s used by nearly 85% of the small business community. Each year, businesses save on their accounting costs by using QuickBooks. Even thousands of professional accountants use QuickBooks to help manage their own client’s finances.

How can QuickBooks Save me Money?

Listed below, are just a few of the benefits that QuickBooks accounting software provides:

  • Improved Cash Flow Management: See where your money is going at all times. Understand how much money you are making and what you are paying for so you can make better decisions.
  • Automates your Accounting Tasks: Bills and other expenditures can be automated so you don’t have to worry about whether they were paid. Stay ahead of the game when you use QuickBooks.
  • Greater Profit Opportunities: QuickBooks can help you invest more wisely, earn higher margins, increase your Return on Investments (ROI) and create more profits for your business by tracking which products sell and which do not.
  • More Free Time: By utilizing QuickBooks to track your finances, you actually gain more free time to enjoy the benefits of earning and saving more money.

Learn how to use QuickBooks the Right way!

What’s amazing is that most people who purchase QuickBooks don’t take the time to fully learn all the features the software offers… In fact, roughly 90% of the people who buy QuickBooks, don’t use the software correctly or give up using it altogether.

The primary reason for this is that when you buy QuickBooks it does not come with an instruction manual that most non-accountants can easily follow. Also, most users often think that the only training that is available are books or over priced instructor-led classes.

Many who buy the software are simply not aware of the training that is available online. Some of it’s free, like QuickBooks tips sites or free videos on YouTube. There is also, better organized online training, such as the QuickBooks University, which provides detailed but easy-to-follow QuickBooks tutorials on videos, at a very affordable price.

Learning how to use QuickBooks properly is very important for small business owners. Setting up and using QuickBooks the right way, will ensure that you make fewer bookkeeping errors and achieve better financial reporting helping you to make better business decisions, allowing you to better manage your small business, thus saving time and money.

Bottom Line

Ladies, QuickBooks can simplify your accounting, help you achieve better financial management, free up more of your time and provide more profits opportunities for your business.

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