“Plus size Women’s Fashions” Do we Always Have to Wear Black?

Plus sized women fashions have come a long way since those earlier years, you know, those years that many of us women considered, ‘The Dark Ages”.  Thank goodness that more and more clothing designers are meeting the demand for sizes over 12.

But are you stifling your own fashion sense by always reaching for that black outfit day after day because you want to look slimmer?

Instead of being grateful for the sudden expansion of plus sized clothing choices, you might be limiting yourself to black because you know it hides the bumps and curves more than other colors do.

Even thinner women often get stuck in black color schemes because they, too, want to look as slender as possible, but all black all the time can be boring!  Yes, black does have the slimming effect, but there are other ways you can find the same effect in more colorful clothing options.

Plus sized manufacturers are designing clothes that fit better to accentuate the areas you feel are your best qualities, whether it your legs, décolletage, or your arms.  The fit of the clothes, not the color, can help you remain fashionable without having to hide behind fabrics.

Print fabrics can hide problem areas, such as the stomach.  And you can find well-fitting clothes for plus sizes in all types of clothing lines, including casual and evening wear, sporting clothes, and even swimsuits!

Check out the different online plus sized stores or catalogs and you’ll find a very diverse selection of clothes to suit your needs. You can find clothes for teens, pregnant women and businesswomen.

Adding accessories, such as scarves and jewelry can also help brighten an outfit and possibly hide any area you may not feel comfortable about.  Does that mean you should throw away all of those black clothes you have ready on standby for when you’re feeling uncomfortable about your body?

You certainly don’t have to, but you should add other clothes to your closet that come in all sorts of styles and colors. The next time you go to your closet to pick out an outfit, the only problem you’ll have is in deciding which one of the beautiful outfits you want to wear to bring out the color of your eyes or showcase your long legs.

Don’t buy into the notion, that says a black outfit is all you can wear. The next time a sales person hands you a bright red sweater or store clerk suggest something a with a few more colors than you are use to, don’t  despair, Go For It!

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