Take a Minute… And Pause…

How to Find Your Inner Peace

In a recent  Chocolate Therapy for Women newsletter I wrote a short article entitled “Pause-o-logy 201” where I briefly discussed how I needed to take a break, a pause for a short time at the end of a year and into the beginning of another.

As I’m sure you can agree, life can sometimes become hectic and overwhelming. As a result we need to stop for a time and take a deep breath, we need to exhale, we need to refresh ourselves so that we can move forward with our goals, our dreams, our missions.

Pause for Peace

While doing some research on “pausing” I came across Courtney Carver’s website
Be More with Less.  One of her articles shares 7 Places to Pause for more Peace in Your Life. Courtney provides some wonderful and practical information on ways we can take a pause because if we don’t we will:

  • Lose Clarity
  • Hurt People
  • Feel Rushed
  • Overlook Beautiful Moments
  • Become More Distracted

I found that her last two comments: “Overlook Beautiful Moments” and “Become More Distracted” were exactly what I was doing. I’m glad I realized that I needed to “pause” for a while because now I’m feeling better, I’m feeling refreshed, I’m feeling rejuvenated.

So…How About You?

Do you need to take a pause for a minute, an hour, a day, or maybe even a month? I promise you will feel so much better.

Pause, and think about it.


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