Promoting Your Business on a Tight Budget – Part 3: Proper Frequency

To make every investment in promoting your business pay off, make smart marketing decisions. Three keys to success are:

  1. * Using Proper Medium
  2. * Choosing Correct Creative
  3. * Proper Frequency

Here, we’ll discuss Proper Frequency

Running one ad or mailing one postcard is completely ineffective, unless you are literally giving your product away. Repeated efforts are critical to create an impression on your target and prompt them to respond.

With cable and radio, as much frequency as your budget can afford is recommended, an absolute minimum of 3 times daily per station, as frequent repetition is vital to make an impression.

Mail a minimum of 3 direct mail pieces with no more than 6 weeks between pieces.

Print ads should run at least once a week for a minimum of four weeks. Rotate a bank of creative so viewers don’t skip over your advertisement out of boredom.

The only exception to this frequency rule is unsolicited e-mail. Send newsletters and promotions no more than bi-weekly, as frequent, unsolicited e-mail quickly becomes spam to the recipient.

Ideally, use several media concurrently to make a strong impression and build a real market awareness.

Proper frequency is the third key to marketing success.

At the foundation of these principles, however, is your brand. Your brand and your brand equity – the beliefs and expectations that consumers hold about products or services sold under your trademark; your reputation; what you stand for –  is your most valuable asset.

Think, promote and sell a brand instead of just a product. As a result, your customers will be purchasing a positive experience, an entire company and a reputation, which is a much more valuable commodity.

Rebecca Palumbo is Principal/Creative Director of Rollins Palumbo Creative, a full service advertising and design agency. Contact her at 708-614-9766 or

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