I was thinking back over a conversation that I had with some 13 year old girls and had the opportunity to sit and listen as they began to complain about some situations that were going on in their lives.

As I listened to them go on and on and on I finally stopped them and said, “Yes, I’m sure that your lives aren’t perfect, but things could be worse.” I challenged them to liken their lives to a glass that was partially filled with some type of liquid.

They could either look at the glass as being half empty, which was a negative outlook or they could look at it as being half-full which of course was a positive outlook. A little later in the day I was thinking about my conversation with them and I posed the question to myself.

How do I view my life and situations that I am sometimes confronted with?

I must admit, I have been know to whine and complain from time to time so I had to issue that same challenge to myself. Of course, I’m not going to be in this by myself, so I will issue the same challenge to you. Step back, think about your outlook on life…

Are you a glass half-full kind of Mom or a glass half-empty kind of Mom???

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