One Body

Introducing: Bee Healthy, Bee Well Monthly Newsletter

We all have several pairs of shoes, jeans, boots, dresses, skirts and other items of clothing and once they wear out or go out of style we simply take a trip to the store to buy more.

We only have one body and the body is not easily replaced, and realizing the fact that we only have one body, we need to learn how to take better care of it. On any given magazine cover, television commercial, newscast, or website we can find information about getting healthy and staying healthy.

Well, I would like to introduce my contribution to the “get healthy, stay healthy” campaign.  BeeHealthy, BeeWell is a monthly newsletter that contains snippets of information that will hopefully encourage readers to do their best to take care of the “one body” that they have.

Take a few minutes, read the newsletter and pass it on to your friends!!

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