Give Yourself to You, Before You Give Yourself Away!

A nice long nap, an afternoon browsing by yourself in a bookstore, an arts and crafts store, a home improvement store, a clothing store; time spent curled up in a chair reading a mystery, a romance, an inspirational book; time spent in complete silence in your bedroom, the bathroom, your car; time spent all by yourself. As women we don’t get that very often.

If we have families, we are always seeing to their needs or many of us have demanding careers or are involved in other activities. I have been blessed to have experienced some “by myself” time  when my husband and my kids were out and about. At times I choose not to go with them because I need to sit quietly by myself. When they return after a few hours I can give myself to them again, because believe it or not I have been rejuvenated.

You and I….  We owe it to ourselves, we owe it to our families, our friends to give ourselves to ourselves so that we will be worth giving  ourselves away.

BTW: Stumbled upon this cool blog post last night, I thought it was nice and wanted to share.  The name of the blog is called Mommy’s Quiet Time and the post was called “If You Could be Anywhere…Right Now…”

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