Maximize Your Space & Clearing Clutter in the Home

Getting organized is about improving your quality of life without spending much more than time and energy. In this questionable economy, this has become even more important.

It means cutting out wasteful things such as unused  “stuff” and space and maximizing the space and “stuff” you do need to its’ best advantage. This helps us handle the uncertainties of life while opening our lives and homes to new opportunities.

I have a 7 room house with a basement. We have an exercise space, an office, a reading room, a music room, a crafts room, a play room and a game room.  How is this possible?

I’ll recommend new uses for current spaces or a “re-purposing” of your home:

  • Multi-purpose your space: My office is just a custom built desk and storage cabinet in our family room, yet it has work space, storage space, computer and phone lines as well as seating for clients and friends. Since I don’t work while the whole family is home and in the family room, I don’t mind sharing the space.

  • Create boundaries within rooms: We have dedicated a corner of the living room to our family’s hobby-music. We store the guitar, flute, drums and music, music stands and a CD player.

  • Dedicate storage space for specific items or categories: When we’re looking for a music item, there is only one place that we store these items. So when it is time for rehearsal there is no need to search for lost items. Also, this will provide an opportunity for you to respond to new opportunities. For example, if a client has a chance to make more money with consulting, but she needs to find her most recent resume it will be much easier if all of her important papers and documents are store in one place.

  • Create rooms around family priorities: Since we need to be a fit family, all of the sports paraphernalia has its own closet near the back door, easily accessible to everyone. The clutter is cleared and the garage is rearranged each spring so that we can easily get to our bikes.

  • Limit rooms to 3 or 4 uses: A real estate agent or stager will give you this advice. If you define an extra bedroom as a guest space and home office, that will let everyone know what does and does not belong in that room. We have rooms that do not have a clear purpose; they typically end up being a dumping ground for clutter. If let undefined, the room can end up as a guest/office/exercise/TV/craft/storage space and that is a lot of purpose and therefore clutter for one small bedroom!

Take this opportunity to look around your home, decide what 4 or 5 themes are really important to your family and then re-image your home.  With a little creativity and effort, you’ll have new spaces and opportunities opening up all around you.

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