Is There Power In A Word?

We all know the power of words. They have the power to make us smile, to help us feel good about ourselves, to help us make decisions, to encourage us, but they also have the power to hurt, to discourage, to destroy.

A few years ago I purchased a book called 365 Words of Well-Being for Women by Rachel Snyder and it has led me on an amazing journey. Each word and the accompanying explanation serves to encourage all those who read.

As women, we tend to be the encouragers for our spouses, children, family members, friends, co-worker, but we also need to be encouraged.

We need to be told that we can achieve, that we should move, that we should act upon our dreams, that we should explore new things, express ourselves and the wonderful list  goes on and on.

Rachel Snyder says: “This is a book about freedom, filled with simple things you can do to grow and create and move and reweave the life that you yearn for, that you richly deserve. These are words to comfort and to invigorate, to nurture and to savor.” 

Yes, there is power in words, so use these 365  words to empower yourself, to motivate you, to elevate yourself, to help you accomplish your dreams.

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