Let’s Make it a December to Remember

Let’s Make it a December to Remember | Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays!

December brings with it two of the most important occasions of the year-Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, let’s not forget the true meaning of Christmas and what we are celebrating-the birth of Jesus Christ. Take a few minutes to read about the real Christmas story.

I’m sure that you have your Christmas shopping list ready and are either going to hit the stores or will let your fingers do your shopping on the Internet.

Along with your family, friends, and maybe even a few co-workers look for opportunities to give some gifts that give back.

Bake some cookies for the men and women at your local fire department or police department. Find a local charity that needs help purchasing gifts for needy children and/or senior citizens.

“Hakuna Matata” means “No worries” in Swahili. Let’s leave our worries from this year behind us and look forward to the new year with a new attitude, a new outlook:

  • Be joyful
  • Never stop praying
  • Be thankful in all circumstances

So beginning now until the end of December let’s make each day count, let’s make each day special, let’s make it a December to remember!

Blessed Christmas, Happy Holidays to you and yours!