How To Make A Positive Impact? Be Grateful!

How many times have you looked at your job, your house, yourself, your marriage, your children, your family and found “something wrong”,  “something that you disliked”? Now we all know that nothing in life is always perfect, so this is where we must begin our journey towards making a positive impact.  Be grateful!!!

Once we are truly thankful for our jobs, our houses, our marriage, etc. , and more importantly ourselves, we can take the focus off of ourselves and use that energy to help someone else.

Being ungrateful and complaining takes a lot of negative energy, so try being grateful for today-just today. Sure we can look at what is going wrong today, but there has to be something that is right with the day.  Take a few minutes and jot down two things that you can be grateful for today and now decide how you can use those two things to help someone else.

Yes, grateful, that is what we shall be!!!

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