Re-Start and Re-Fresh this Season!

Recently, a friend – a mom and business owner, like me – wished me a Happy New Year, and that is really how I feel about Autumn!  The schedule changes, the life transitions, the brisk weather – I always feel renewed!  Use this time of renewal to clear mental and real clutter, and get a better handle on your time management, just like our students do!

Here’s how:

Strengthen and Renew Relationships!

For me, growing up, September and Autumn always meant I got to see my school friends more regularly.  We adults can do this, too! It is always a good time to reach out to a friend.  Whenever you find yourself wondering about someone and how they are, reach out!  And I mean via Facebook, email, texting or a greeting card, in addition to the obvious “call them”!  Connect!

Re-Commit to Good Routines.

I love summer, but my professional and personal lives definitely benefit from Back-To-School consistency with waking and bed-times, meal times and more structured workdays.  Use this new season as an opportunity to return to routines that work, or to create new ones!

Go to bed.  No, seriously.  Go to bed.

This is an uphill battle for me most days.  As a parent, I daily try to convince my teenagers to listen to their tired bodies and go to bed, instead of staying up late just because they can.  Personally, I wish I could say I get enough sleep, but sometimes I don’t. Most nights, I’m in bed at a reasonable hour, but some really great books have kept me up lately!   But I know that we think better, work better, feel better and act nicer when we are well rested. Go to bed.

Remember the care and consideration you spent on that First Day outfit? 

Cooler temperatures and Autumn colors have us shuffling through our closets in search of something to wear.  Fall is a great time to review your wardrobe and make changes!  Take time to clean summer clothes, review and purge accordingly, and put them away into seasonal storage on a high shelf or in under-bed storage. Shop in your closet for surprises (those great scarves I bought last Spring) and favorites.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Out with the old!  It’s also always a good time to clear clutter!  This week I dropped off a couple of bags of donations, arranged donation of some old cell phones and cords, and sold used items on-line.  I cleaned out and cleaned up, and made some space.

In with the new!  I love back-to-school for new gear and gadgets, but I don’t really need anything right now.  I did spend my morning clearing memory, installing updates and cleaning up my tech gadgets.  That’s all new!  And it feels great!

Learn something new.

Two of my sons are using Chromebooks in school this year, and all things Google go along with those, so I have some learning to do.  In addition, I am still working through my professional reading pile. Here’s irony, I have two time management books next on my pile, guess I need to find some time to read those!

I also had the opportunity to attend an empowerment event last week, and received a whole influx of new ideas to process and act upon.  It was energizing!  Learn something new!

How will you choose to embrace the new season this week?  Let’s Go!

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Colleen Klimczak is a certified professional organizer whose business is located in the south suburbs of Chicago. For more information, visit You can also visit her blog at and become her Facebook friend at My FaceBook Page

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