5 To Know – Reasons Women Should Do Yoga

Yoga can be an important part of our lives and has several benefits that can help us improve the quality of our lives.

1. To improve strength

A normal part of aging is losing muscle and bone mass. However, yoga has been shown to keep muscles and bones strong. In addition, certain poses, such as warriors, are empowering, providing mental stamina.

2. To cultivate peace through self-acceptance

In yoga, there is much room for self-reflection and learning honor personal truths. Getting to truly know oneself yields graceful aging, developing inner peace and accepting life as it changes. Finally, yoga practice can be a lifelong practice as the emphasis moves away from intensely physical to a more balanced and gentle practice.

3. To promote balance

Yoga encourages personal time; this is especially important for women, who are often caregivers who neglect themselves. The practice teaches that caregivers are more effective if self-care is a priority. Physical balance is also improved and maintained with yoga.

4. To receive support from community

Yoga means union. When a group of women come together to practice, there is the gift of shared understanding from other women. In class, there is opportunity to shed competition and to embrace community.

5. To stabilize mood

Yoga is a proven and effective practice that decreases stress and anxiety as well as symptoms of PMS and menopause.

About the Author

For years, Nadine was a practicing physician in a thriving community hospital setting. But despite having reached what she thought was her ultimate goal, something was missing – a sense of true fulfillment. The time had come to focus on health, wellness, and prevention. Already a yoga practitioner and first degree black belt in taekwondo, Nadine was passionate about the connection of mind, body, and spirit.

She understood the numerous physical and mental benefits of yoga in maintaining health and controlling a range of chronic conditions. Nadine is dedicated to bringing flexible bodies and minds to kids and teens as well as healing, therapeutic, gentle yoga to baby boomers and beyond. Find more about Nadine and class schedules at Yogi MD.

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