Say a Thousand Thank You’s!

In the film Awakenings, Robert DeNiro plays a patient who awakens in a hospital to learn that he’s been in a coma-like existence for decades.

His childlike discovery of the outside world overwhelms him with wonder. The feel of water, a child’s laughter, the taste of food-these experiences and a thousand more come crashing in on him and he’s amazed. And thankful. It shouldn’t have to take a coma to awaken us to the many things we can be thankful for, so here is an assignment for you.

Go out and purchase a pretty blank book and begin to list things you are thankful for, from the serious to the silly and everything between: a place to live, Hershey’s chocolate with almonds, computer backup files, your favorite magazine, website the Savvy Woman (smile).

Make a promise to yourself to add to your list every day and when you’re feeling down, pull out your list and thank God for His goodness.

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