Get Motivated to Achieve Your Goals

You may want to return to school, quit your job, start a business, get more organized, move to another city or state, pay off some bills, learn a new skill, spend more time on your hobby, renew a friendship, write a book or finish the one that you started, whatever it may be, you do know that you can make it happen, right? You just need a little motivation. If we believe we can accomplish our goals and put plans in place to do so, we can probably become successful, but sometimes we have to “pump ourselves up.”

Join the campaign:

  • Take and send a picture of one or a pair of your pump(s) in a creative/unique place.
  • Send your favorite motivational quote and share a goal that you are trying to accomplish.
  • Click here to purchase your “Pumped Up” t-shirt*
  • Invite 5 of your friends to join the campaign so that you all can encourage one another.
  • Take a picture of you and your group in your t-shirts and post it on the Savvy Woman Blog Facebook page

*A portion from the sale of each t-shirt will be donated to charity.

We all know that non-profit organizations are very important in and to our communities, country, and to the world. They fill a void, most often reaching out to our most vulnerable-our children, our elderly, the homeless, those who may be suffering from illnesses, and the list can go on.

For those reasons we have decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the t-shirts to four different non-profits:

Bright Pink – Bright Pink is on a mission to save women’s lives from breast and ovarian cancer by empowering them to live proactively at a young age.

Center Recreation And Family Training (C.R.A.F.T. Inc.) – The mission of the C.R.A.F.T. Organization is to develop and implement programs directed towards building a stronger, more productive African-American community.

Dress for Success-Chicago – The purpose of Dress for Success-Chicago is to offer long-lasting solutions that enable women to break the cycle of poverty.

South Suburban Family Shelter  – South Suburban Family Shelter offers services for victims of domestic violence and accepts clients regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, or age.

We will periodically change the non-profits so that we may share our resources with other worthy organizations.

Click Here to View the Pumped Up Shoe Gallery!

Your picture will be posted in the gallery. Feel free to share this post with your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and any other women you know or connect with!


2015 Pumped Up - High Heel Shoe Gallery


2015 Pumped Up - High Heel Shoe Gallery


2015 Pumped Up - High Heel Shoe Gallery


2015 Pumped Up - High Heel Shoe Gallery