Transform Your Interiors to Reflect the Season

Your indoor spaces should relate to what is going on outdoors. Let the abundant autumn harvest be your decorative guide; gather and display elements that Mother Nature provides to echo her seasonal transition from summer to fall. This time of the year is ideal for piling on the layers to fend off the chill that fall weather brings.

Surround Yourself with Texture

Touch is the most intimate of all the senses; no matter what the season, texture provides the finishing detail in any room. During the cooler months, texture provides a feeling of warmth. Burlap, wood, berries, raffia, loomed and woven fabrics like boucle and cashmere are quintessential fall elements.

Use Colors Appropriate for the Season

Need inspiration? Look for decorative color cues in your fall wardrobe. Traditional shades such as cranberry, rust, sage, chocolate and mustard never go out of style. Try aubergine, a dark brownish-purple hue (reminiscent of the skin of a ripened eggplant) that is gaining in popularity for the fall season. Consider pairing it with the orangey-red of a persimmon.

Swap Out Accent Pillows and Throws

Mix and match the sizes and shapes of your pillows. Cover them with faux fur, velvet, suede, fleece and corduroy in solids, plaids, animal prints and deep hued-floral patterns. Replace white lampshades with darker colored ones, or simply embellish your existing shades with trims or slipcovers. Change ordinary light bulbs to specialty flicker, soft pink or amber bulbs.

Pile on the Area Rugs

Even in rooms with wall-to-wall carpet, an additional layer of warmth underfoot is always a welcome comfort. Plush woolly textures and rich, warm patterns take the chill off hardwood and ceramic floors. Overlap area rugs and place them at various angles for a more luxurious appearance. Change out your bathroom rugs for weightier versions.

Dress the Windows

Adorn your windows with heavier curtains or side panels in deep, rich variations of your color scheme. Window scarves and trims such as tassels, cording and fringe are great accessories for the season.

Rotate Artwork and Collections

Create and display decorative vignettes using darker and visually heavier pieces of fall-themed art and collectibles. Anything that can be hung on a wall qualifies as art; hang rugs and textiles to fill a large expanse of wall.

Frame pressed, dried leaves; they make a wonderful seasonal statement. Dress mantels, shelves and ledges with gourds, miniature pumpkins and ears of Indian corn.

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