Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Group of Women

I can’t take credit for this, but I came across this paragraph in a magazine called “Skirt” and thought it would be perfect for the end of the year and the beginning of another….

Every breath is a 2nd chance. To give your bad mood a makeover. To stop checking your 401(k) balance. To wean your self from Wolf Blitzer (CNN-Situation Room). To remember the cloth grocery bags instead of leaving them in the car. To Break Out of an old holding pattern. To cultivate compassion from the inside out-we all need a little Me Tenderizer.

To shrink your elastic waistband. To read yourself around the world if you can’t afford a ticket. To Bail yourself out of debt. To talk face to face instead of on Facebook. To change the plot of your life story. To do a somersault-how long has it been? To give wings to your grounded dreams.

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