The Veil of Victory – A Triumph Over Abuse and Workplace Discrimination

Why You Should Read Yorli’s Book

This is a DYNAMIC, wonderful and captivating non-fiction story that is a MUST read!

This book tells a story of a young black women’s amazing journey, and  triumph over child sexual, spousal abuse, and severe work discrimination.

Yorli finds herself in an exciting career as an undercover drug agent in a true to life “21 Jumpstreet” style elite drug unit.

During the five years of employment, she is faced with intense racial and sexual discrimination.  Racism is still very alive and well in America which becomes very evident after a lawsuit against the drug unit is filed.  She is subjected to constant threats and taunts that escalated into a death threat.

Her bold and fearless character earns her a militant reputation based on racially charged connotations.  All of their childish attempts to intimidate her are ignored.  She is adamant not to appease Anyone’s ego, but instead snatch the respect she deserves; even if it’s by force!

Yorli formulates a plan to work within the county’s Political arena where she intends to play as much hard ball as they do. Even with her limited resources she was content to have God as her only source. After much soul searching and looking to God for answers she realizes that her journey is going to be long.

She is forced into a character role of the ‘Get Christy Love’ series and Yorli notices that she is going to be the lead. She dresses for the part covered by her own God given protection as Caul-Bearer or better known as a child born with a veil over its face. This time a young African American woman dare sit for racial inequality and disproportionate acts within the American government.

Yorli knows she must learn more about this Veil in order to further understand her calling.  While researching she discovers that the Caul-Bearer in ancient history is known to have psychic ability as well as the gift to live long without tire. But in the Christian faith it is believed to be a special connection with Him.

It is believed to be the mark of a chosen one who is blessed with special gifts that are to be used for His work on earth.  Ultimately it is this veil that provides all the protection Yorli needs.

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Yorli’s Bio

Yorli Huff was born on August 7, 1968, in Chicago, Illinois, to Jansilyne Berthania Huff and Samuel Huff. She has an older brother, Samuel Louis Huff III, and a younger sister, Amber Lizette Walker. Despite a difficult childhood, Huff was an excellent student, and that dedication helped land her a position in 1992 in Chicago with the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department as a Special Drug Agent at the tender age of twenty-four.

One of the few African-American undercover agents in the task force, Huff excelled at her work, but her rise to the top brought with it racism and discrimination. In 1997, after trying unsuccessfully to deal with that discrimination on her own, Huff made history when she filed a lawsuit against the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department, a battle which took her eleven years to win.

An entrepreneur at heart, Huff is the owner of Just For You Balloons, a gift-basket company which she established in 1992, and the owner of Executive Dry Cleaners, Inc., which she established in 2008. Also in 2008, Yorli Huff became the Founder, President, and CEO of Engendering Strength, Inc., a company devoted to inspiring and empowering women.

About the Author

Yorli Huff’s first book, The Veil of Victory, an account of her life from childhood to her victory over the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department, was published in October 2010.  She is currently at work on her second book, Testimony Time; a superhero comic book; a feature film based on The Veil of Victory; a t-shirt line; and a motivational speaking tour.

Yorli Huff has been featured on Allison Payne’s People to People segment as well the Cliff Kelly talk radio show. Ms. Huff is due to appear in South Africa on a powerful speaking tour to empower, encourage and enlighten the people on matters of discrimination and abuse.

In her very lean spare time, Yorli Huff enjoys roller skating, working out, and traveling. She currently lives in Naperville, Illinois, with her eight-year-old son.

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