The Motherhood Experience…….In Your Words

Group of school kids

“The experience is giving, satisfying, and humbling.
Once a Mother, always a Mother. A Mother’s work is
never done!” Sandra Q

“My experience as a Mother has been wonderful, loving
and rewarding and at the same time shocking, overwhelming
and funny.

I find there is always a new or
another level. Just when you think you got it, BAM,
here comes a twist. Given all that I wouldn’t change being
a mother for anything. Motherhood is love in the
purest form.” Rhoda C.

“My daughters are 7 & 9 now. I compare being a
Mother like being a mother eagle.

Yes, I have to nurture
and protect them, but I have to know when to nudge
them and give them all the tools they need so they can
ultimately soar when they grow up.”
Bernette P.

Being a Mother, is the best job ever!”
Shannon M.

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