Tales of an Interior Stylist – Romancing the Home: Falling Back in Love with Your Space

Is your relationship with your home in a rut?

Do you feel hindered by the hapless condition of your home and helpless to do anything about it?

If you are looking for ways to rekindle the broken relationship with your abode, read on.

The following pearls of wisdom will help you reignite the spark of passion that first attracted you to home.

Get Over It!

Certain things just can’t be changed, so stop whining about them and learn to turn lemons into lemonade. Work with or around the architectural limitations of your home. If knocking down walls, adding an addition or moving are not viable solutions, you need to come to terms with what you have and come up with ways to make the space work.

Define How You Really Live

Be realistic in your decorating goals and lifestyle needs. Those stunning rooms that you see in decorating magazines are beautiful, but can you really live in them? Don’t try to duplicate these fantasy spaces in your home.

Instead, take inspiration from certain elements, such as a delectable color scheme, a lush fabric texture, or an awesome accessory style. Incorporate bits and pieces of the dream, reinvent or rework them, and make them your own.

Same Old Same Old in a New Light

Before you hit the stores in search of new furniture and accessories, take a shopping trip through your own home. Look for items that you can repurpose, relocate or reupholster. Even though the items are not new, they can be new to a particular space in your home.

Harmony in Hues

Use color as a common thread to connect the spaces in your home. Select three shades and start creating a recipe with paint color, fabric, art and accessories. Wise and creative use of color will help you design an exquisite living space.

Shake It Baby!

Don’t be afraid to marry contrasting pieces, colors, textures and styles together. Re-think the decorating rules that you have abided by in the past. Take this opportunity to shake up your conventional thinking about your décor. Change can be a good thing.

Know Your Limits

Set a realistic budget and timeline. Be honest about what you can do yourself and what you will have to hire others to do. Do you hate to paint? Hire a painting contractor to do the work. Once you establish limits, your project will move forward more smoothly.

Whether you are interested in a total overhaul of your space or just want to add a bit of spice here and there, follow these tips to help you in your pursuit of home happiness.

About the Author

Interior stylist Julea Joseph specializes in room redesigns. Her work and design philosophy have been featured on HGTV and in numerous publications.

Julea can be reached at 708-448-7500 or www.julea.com.

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