Hello January It's a New Year

Hello January: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! [button-green url="https://savvywomanblog.com/newsletters/savvy-woman-blog-january-2018-newsletter.pdf" target="_self" position="center"]Download January Newsletter[/button-green] 12 New Chapters…365 New Opportunities (although we are already at day..
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Close up of a A Woman Staring Deep in Thought

What Do You See?

We all know that we have to “do life”. But do we have a vision for what we want our lives to look like?

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Dancing in the Rain Inspiring Women

Dancing in the Rain

When it rains most of us, especially me, runs for cover or use our umbrellas to protect us. There is another type of rain that we also try to run and seek cover from-the rain of life…

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Woman sitting in a Grassy Field - Believe You Can Achieve

Believe You Can

It started with a random thought that you tossed aside, but it kept coming back while you sat in traffic, waited at your doctor’s appointment, as you exercised…

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Time for a New Beginning - A Clock Sitting on a Table

Time for a New Beginning

We are now 6 months into the year. Do you know where your list of goals and resolutions are? Personally, I’m glad that I still have 6 months left in the year.

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