Latest Trends for Spring Fashion

Embracing Spring Trends…

Every fashionista worth her Fendi knows that black is slimming. It is a basic fact of fashion life, one that has been drilled into our souls since our little sausage bodies were encased in leotards and tights in Miss Betty’s dance class.

We also know it’s perfectly okay not to match shoes and handbags, and that only the truly desperate-to-be-noticed dress in head-to-toe designer insignia. But there is still that vague and ambiguous hinterland that every women—even the most cutting-edge fashionista—stumbles into at one time or another. I am talking about the dreaded hot new trend.

Not everyone embraces the latest trends. Moreover, not all bodies can or should embrace the latest trends. Some bodies were just not meant to wear certain styles. For instance, you will never catch me in a mini-skirt, ultra low-rise jeans or pants with a tapered leg. That’s not to say I won’t, on occasion, try on certain trendy items. But what’s a girl with a few curves to do when it comes to following the latest trends? Fear not, She She Me (and its team of style mavens) is here to help!

Four Rules of Fashion Fit

  • Make a trend work for you. Trends are not written in stone. Perhaps your favorite glossy mag is pitching spring’s sporty nautical style, but horizontal stripes make you look like a linebacker and don’t do a thing for your waistline (or lack thereof). There’s no need to completely write it off.One of my favorite ensembles this spring is an elegant pair of navy linen trousers, a chic white blouse and rope-soled wedges. All I need to do is tie a scarf to my handbag, add a sporty little jacket and, voilà, I am nautical without going overboard. As far as trends go, I am a firm believer in the “less is more” theory.
  • Pair clothing with full and slim silhouettes. For instance, a fitted top will look best with a full skirt or wide-leg trousers. Likewise, a voluminous blouse looks fabulous with a pair of skinny jeans; a trapeze dress looks oh-so-chic belted over tights.
  1. Treat your tailor like your best friend. You may wear a size six 6 top and size 10 trousers, but those shoulders you inherited from Grandma Jane look best in a size 12 jacket. Invest in clothing items that fit you well in your largest area; have them tailored to fit everywhere else.A jacket or blazer looks so much more flattering when it is tailored to skim over your curves instead of hanging off your shoulders or bulging at the buttons. Have your trousers professionally hemmed. They should hit ¼ to ½ inch from the ground while wearing shoes.
  2. Love your figure. Whether you are a size 4, 14 or 24, there are many great styles available for every shape. Love yourself for who you are, dress for the figure you have—not the figure that you wish you had—and always respect that gorgeous bod!

The Latest Spring Trends

There are definitely ways to make the most of what you have and de-emphasis what you wish you didn’t have. Check out a few of spring’s hot new trends, and learn how to make them work for you.

  • On safari. From neutral, yet über sleek khaki to glorious prints and exotic skins, the safari trend is everywhere this spring. If you aren’t ready to go totally tribal, stick with the neutrals, and add the exotics in bits and pieces with a fabulous handbag, luscious heels or gorgeous jewelry.
  • Fabulous florals. Nothing announces spring quite like a feminine floral frock. This spring’s florals run the gamut from bright and bold to delicate pastels. Incorporate the floral trend with wonderful wedges, sassy sandals, colorful totes and floral handbags. Remember, the larger the print, the larger you look. If you are trying to achieve a more slimming effect, stick with smaller, delicate floral prints.
  • The new boho. I adore the boho look! This season, it’s a bit more sophisticated and a tad less oversized with gorgeous macrame inspired tops, delicate floral print dresses and skirts, peasant blouses, adorable tiered knit sundresses and floaty body skimming tunics.Crochet trim and embroidery accents abound and add to this fabulous look. Finish it off with a pair of woven sandals or platform wedges, throw a hand-tooled leather messenger bag over your shoulder and you are good to go.

Happy spring style shopping!

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Carla Laney is the executive editor and co-owner of She She Me (, the popular online fashion e-zine.

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