June 2018: We’re Half Way There!

June Sparkle and Glitter

It is now June and believe it or not 2018 is half-way over. Now reflect back to January when we were all pumped about the New Year and excited about all of the things we were going to accomplish. Well let’s not even dwell on the things we didn’t accomplish, let’s focus on the things we did do.

Instead of looking at our long 2018 “To Do” list which we may not even be able to find, let’s pause and reflect on the things we did do. How about creating an “I Did” List? You’ll be happy you did. The June issue of the SavvyWoman Blog newsletter actually includes a list you can use.

Don’t Forget Your Sunglasses

A Hat and Sunglasses on the Beach

Would you like to: Set intentions for your life? Focus on goals for your future? Give power to your dreams… And have some fun? Well I have the perfect tool for you-a short guide designed for someone who is very new to vision boards or even those who have an idea of what vision boards can do for their life. This short, engaging and informative eBook will provide you with a 6 step process to create a vision board that will help to brighten your future. Get your copy TODAY!

It’s Summertime

group of happy young people dancing and spraying at the beach on beautiful summer sunset

This summer, make a commitment to “collect memories, not things.” We’ve all heard about having bucket lists full of thing we want to do in our life, well let’s modify the list to include things we want to do this summer.

There are so many activities/thing we can do this summer- bike/walk around a new neighborhood, or even your neighborhood; spend an hour coloring; buy a new sundress; read 3 books off of the NYT best sellers list; try a new hobby…photography, jewelry making, painting, drawing, pottery…… ; go to the beach, lake, ocean; watch a sunrise or sunset…take a picture.

So create your bucket list and let me know at the end of the summer how much fun you had. I will do the same.

What Size Is Your Waist?

What is your waist size

We must be committed every single day to focus on our health. We need to set goals for being active, determine what foods can help us develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle and then find ways to measure our progress. Believe it or not, our waist size can tell us a lot. Do you know what waist size puts us at greater risk for developing health conditions? Check out this issue to find out.

Prepare to enjoy the June issue of the SavvyWomanBlog newsletter.

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