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Is there Such a Thing as Healthy Obsession?

Lately, I have become accustomed to a specific nightly ritual. Before I go to sleep, I MUST spend at least 30 minutes on my latest obsession, Pinterest.

Just What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a website that is taking the social media world by storm. The photo-sharing site allows users to create inspiration boards with topics of their choosing and “pin” images to these boards.

Users can either pin images they find on the Internet or browse the numerous amounts of photos that others have posted.

Once you have registered with the site, you can began creating your own pin boards. These boards can range from hair & beauty ideas, to recipes and even aspects of your dream home. My personal favorite is my Clothing & Shoes board. I have pinned more than 100 images of outfits I plan to try out, shoes I dream of one day purchasing and accessories I hope to incorporate into my daily wardrobe.

The next step is getting images for your board. Let’s say you are on the Food Network website and you come across a recipe for S’Mores cupcakes (yum!) You have the ability to add an image and the recipe to your “Things I’d Like to Cook” pin board. Another alternative is to browse the images under the Food & Drink category on Pinterest and “re-pin” something that someone else has already posted.

So if you see a recipe for a spinach artichoke dip for your next get-together, you can go this route as well. Whichever you prefer, this social media site serves as a great way to get the creative juices flowing and share images and ideas with other users like yourself.

So whether you are pinning DIY craft ideas for your best friend’s birthday party or an array of ensembles you’d like to try out for your weekly nights out on the town, Pinterest is carefree way to just let go, have some fun and enter into your own world. Even if it is for just 30 minutes right before bed…it will help you sleep better đŸ™‚

Aundrea’s Pinterest Boards

Aundreaz-Pinterest-Board-dream-home     Aundreaz-Pinterest-Board-clothes-shoes

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About the Author

Aundrea Rogers is a recent graduate of the University of Missouri and is currently a public relations professional and freelancer. She has experience in public relations, marketing, media relations and social media management.


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    Sarah says:

    Pinterest is a great way of collecting ideas together and sharing (and a lot easier to get your head around than a lot of other social media sites)


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