How To Make A Positive Impact? Don’t Forget!

How To Make A Positive Impact? Don’t Forget! 1

We see a story on television or read an article in the newspaper or on the internet about a non-profit organization who is doing some commendable things for kids, the disabled, a town, the elderly. It pulls at our heart strings and we decide right then that we are going to do our part. We even take down the contact information and promise ourselves that we are contact to connect with them or we may even look for an organization in our own area who may be doing something similar.

We put the note on our desk, in our purse or perhaps on our night stand and then the cares of life overwhelm us once again and we soon forget our promise. We can’t forget, so many people are waiting for us to act, so many people need our help and our commitment. The futures of our children, the lives of the elderly, the well-being of others depend on us acting and not forgetting.

We need to tie a string around our finger, post the note on our bathroom mirror, schedule it in our planner, our Blackberry, our I Phone, but we simply cannot forget!!!

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