How to Create a Vision Board

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Is Your Life In a Rut?

Sometimes people feel stuck in their life, and they have no idea what they need to do next. A large number of women experience this in their later years and it can be quite an emotional time.  However, such transitions are wonderful opportunities for women to grow and transform their lives through making a vision board.

Just What Is a Vision Board?

Having a vision board helps with setting intentions for life and focusing on goals for the future.  A vision board may also be known as a creativity collage, visual explorer or a treasure map. It is usually a poster where collage images are pasted from images torn and drawn from a number of magazines or published works.

A vision board is a simple piece of work and the idea behind it is for a woman to surround herself with the kind of images of who she would like to be, the things she would like to have, places she would like to live or even the place she would like to go for a vacation. The idea is that focusing on these images by having them front and center all the time helps the mind accept that they can become a reality.

Creating a Great Vision Board

Begin by collecting and cutting out quotes, words and pictures that are an inspiration to you. This can be done in a single sitting or built over a period of time. The words and images can then be organized and pasted on a huge piece of paper. Remember to give it a date and title.

You need a large piece of cardboard or poster board. Pick your preferred size, glue, pictures you have sourced and inspiration magazines where more pictures will come from such as the National Geographic, Oprah, inspiration, sports, home magazines and others that might have relevant pictures. Some glue, colored pens and scissors are also needed.

You should have fun while creating the vision board since it reflects what you would like your future to be. Some begin with blank pieces of paper or outline a star, book or tree shape to come up with a destiny star, dream book or goal tree. Some even make their board to be three dimensional.

Give Power to Your Dreams

Being able to see your future with a vision board is a great way to give power to your dreams. Make sure to hang the board in a place where you will see it throughout the day. If you have a home office, for instance, you might want to hang it on the wall you’re facing most of the day.

As you stare at the pictures, you should let your mind dream and run free. Make sure everything that speaks or appeals to you has been included. Avoid analyzing and simply tune into the right side of your brain for creativity.

You can add personal affirmations or quotes that inspire you to cherish and nurture your inner self while making sure color has been used. These could be colored pens, colored shapes or post-it types of notes to make it look exciting and vibrant.

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Don’t Forget Your Sunglasses, Because Your Future Looks Bright!

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In order for us to have a bright future, we must plan for it. We must set goals and create changes.

Let my vision board book step you through transforming your life!



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