How Fast Can You Gain an Additional 5-10 Pounds?


We’re always concerned about how fast we can lose weight; but do we ever think about how fast we can gain it back? I’ll let you in on a little secret from personal experience—it didn’t take me long at all.

The Effects of Stress on Our Bodies

My motto has always been “Gotta Move It to Lose It!” But when I moved my business and home over the last two weeks, I definitely gained it—between five and 10 pounds to be exact. The reason for the weight gain: lack of preparation. I was prepared enough to make sure that the electric, gas and cable were hooked up, but I didn’t plan for all of the stress and chaos that comes with moving. And I had double the stress because I was moving both my home and my business.

During this busy, tension-filled time, I did something quite out of the norm for me—I ate out and on the run. Although I tried to eat healthy, my body wasn’t accustomed to this routine. I don’t enjoy eating out; I know when I’ve had enough; I start to feel bloated, lethargic and my energy level just isn’t the same (not to mention the fact that my pants get a little tighter).

Be Careful of What You Eat

When I go on vacation, I make an effort to check out my accommodations; I choose a hotel in close proximity to a grocery store, arrange to have a room with a microwave and refrigerator and pack healthy snacks for the car and airplane ride. I didn’t give any of this a thought while I was moving. The days didn’t always go as planned and time just got away from me. I knew that I wasn’t eating the healthiest foods; I quickly went through the few healthy snacks that remained in my cabinets and refrigerator at both places.

However, when they were gone, I didn’t replenish them. I didn’t want to waste money buying food for the old house only to have to pack it up and move it, but I didn’t want to stock the new place either. I told myself, I wouldn’t be at either place long enough during the move to warrant buying food that would have to be prepared and eaten in a civilized manner. Now that the move is over, I see the error in my thinking.

I am getting into my usual routine again, but now the challenge is on; I have a few pounds I need to lose in order to feel better again. There are so many things that can throw off your routine. For me it is the fact that my home is no longer in close proximity to my favorite grocery store; I now have to find and familiarize myself with a new neighborhood store.

My business is still located in Frankfort, so when I am at work, I am able to shop at my favorite store, but I now live about 30 miles away, which makes getting those refrigerated and frozen items home a challenge. I am, generally, a pretty organized person, but I no longer work where I live, so I can’t just run upstairs to make myself something quick and healthy.

Some Parting Thoughts

I have to prepare my meals at home and brown bag it. For years, I’ve been advising my clients on how to attain a healthier lifestyle through proper preparation; however, I failed to heed my own advice. The next time I have an opportunity to advise a prospective client about the joys of preparation, I will be able to draw on my own personal experience, which illustrates that we can gain it much faster than we lose it!

About the Author

Wanda McCormick is the owner/trainer at Perfect Fit Personal Training in Frankfort.

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