Home Space Spot Light: The Patio

Don’t let your back sliding door be the end of your living space. Now that spring is here, turn your decorating talents to your patio.

There are a variety of outdoor furnishings, textiles, accessories and lighting options to create the perfect outdoor oasis. With a little professional help, a bit of creativity and a few clues from your existing inside space, you can easily create a new outdoor living room.

  • Start with color. Choose a color palette to help you establish a direction for your outdoor space.
  • Anchor the space. Add a durable yet decorative rug to help you anchor the space. Create “walls” by using footed lanterns, screens, large potted plants or benches to add further definition.
  • Treat your outdoor room like an indoor room. Use the same guidelines that you would use inside your home relative to flow, function and focal points. Include all the comforts of home, such as throw pillows, ottomans, candles, artwork and accessories.
  • Use mirrors. Place mirrors strategically to reflect the beauty of your garden, fountain or focal point, or to mimic a doorway to another space.
  • Introduce a water feature. The soothing sounds of a fountain can add an element of calm to a space and mask unwanted noise from nearby traffic or neighbors.
  • Add a chimney, fire pit or outdoor fireplace. If your local municipal code permits, build a fire element in your outdoor living space. It can add a cozy and hypnotic atmosphere to your patio.
  • Install adequate exterior lighting. Use accent lights, chandeliers, floor lamps or strings of clear outdoor lights to create a mood and add a festive feeling.

These stylish details can take a plain concrete outdoor space to an entirely new level; follow these tips and transform your patio from slab to sensational!

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Interior stylist Julea Joseph specializes in room redesigns. Her work and design philosophy have been featured on HGTV and in numerous publications.  Julea can be reached at 708-448-7500 or www.julea.com.

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