Home Decor: Room Makeovers: Same Stuff, New Look!

by Julea Joseph

Room makeovers are a sensible, fun and affordable alternative to traditional interior decorating.

This exciting decorating service uses the furniture, artwork and accessories that you already own and arranges them in fresh new ways to create fabulous new looks.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Room Makeover Expert?

  • Money. Room makeovers use what you already own, so you save money. Fees for a room makeover expert are based on the scope of work necessary in a particular room; however, most room makeovers cost less than what you would pay for a single piece of new furniture.
  • Time. Room makeovers typically take between three-to-seven hours, unlike conventional redecorating, which can take weeks, sometimes months. With a room makeover, you can entertain your friends and family the very same evening in your fabulous new space.
  • Comfort. In addition to the pleasure of being surrounded by familiar objects that you know and love, you don’t have to deal with the anxiety that comes from purchasing a piece of furniture and wondering if it will work in your space. Using your goals for the space as a guide, a room makeover expert can artfully

transform your belongings into a picture perfect setting, almost instantly.

Can My Mismatched Furniture Be Used in a Room Makeover?

Absolutely! The key is to identify a common element of color or style. Room makeover experts are trained to pull disparate elements together. Once the expert arranges and accessorizes your furnishings, you will fall in love with them all over again.

Am I Ready for a Room Makeover?

Your room makeover expert will begin with an in-home evaluation. She will discuss your priorities, challenges and goals for specific rooms. After a tour of your home, she will quote you a per room price for the makeover and schedule a date to actually begin the work.

About the Author

What are you waiting for? Update your living space with a room makeover today!Interior stylist Julea Joseph specializes in room redesigns. Her work and design philosophy have been featured on HGTV and in numerous publications.  Julea can be reached at 708-448-7500 or www.julea.com.

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