Commitment and Freedom – How Can they Be Related?

By Maryanne Comaroto

My husband David and I have a regular practice of connecting with our inner wisdom, a sort of daily self-inquiry into our  system of internal guidance.  Believe it or not, we do it because we feel that having a commitment to this practice is what allows us ultimate freedom within our lives.  Now, it I know it sounds silly and confusing to say that commitment to something is what leads to freedom, but bear with me – I have a great example to show you this concept in action.

David and I were on our way to the airport.  Our bags were packed and ready in the trunk, we’d tied up all our loose ends at the house so that everything would be taken care of while we were gone, and we were heading down the freeway, just coming up to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Everything was good to go, and the train was speeding forward on the track.  Then I got that feeling.  You know the one – your intuition trying to tell you something.  Mine seemed to be telling me to check my cell phone, and sure enough, it turned out I’d had five calls in the past ten minutes.  Obviously something was happening and someone needed my attention urgently.

And just like that, with one phone call, all plans changed.  But whereas the old me would have used this as an excuse to derail the train and sit and complain about a ruined trip, instead I noticed that I was more inclined just to ride the train on the new set of tracks that recently appeared, and just keep an open mind and see where the journey would take me.

My head filled with anticipation as we headed back to the house to regroup.  I wondered where this new set of tracks would go, and what would be in store for me when I got to wherever the destination was.  So many exciting possibilities!  When we got home, David and I took a few moments in quiet meditation.  My intuition was right there with me, and it whispered, “pick a direction.”  Knowing that my gut feeling doesn’t lead me astray, I opened my eyes and repeated the message to David: “pick a direction.”  Without hesitation, settled back down into his meditation and then soon said, “north feels right to me.”

So north it was.  I got online and had a brief look for some boutique hotels north of our location.  Within two minutes I’d not only found the perfect place, but when I called them they just happened to have had a last-minute cancellation.  What great fortune!  ___With a new found excitement for all the question marks ahead, we got back in the car and let our intuition continue to lead the way.

One by one, things unfolded over the weekend, and the synchronicity was staggering.  All in all, we had the perfect weekend, and one that we never could have predicted before it started.  All because we allowed ourselves to keep rolling with the changes and make adjustments that would not only salvage the situation, but turn it into an adventure even more wonderful than what was originally planned.

The universe is there, ready, waiting to unfold for all of us.  The key is being both perceptive and receptive to the suggestions that come forth.  In my own life, I know that this means I need to be committed to my daily practice – only through that commitment can I be open to the true freedom available.  I’ve learned to stop blocking myself with unnecessary resentment or worry, and to trust that life is unfolding in the way it should, in its own glorious and perfect manner.  This is the gift you give yourself when you choose to make the commitment to connecting with the real inner you.

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