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Pinterest… A Healthy Obsession

Pinterest is a website that is taking the social media world by storm. The photo-sharing site allows users to create inspiration boards with topics of their choosing and “pin” images to these boards. Users can either pin images they find on the Internet or browse the numerous amounts of photos that others have posted…


Going Green at Home

As soon as President Obama moved into the 132 room White House he met with white house staff to discuss what could be done to conserve energy and reduce the carbon footprint of the mansion.

What do I Need to have, in order to Watch HDTV? 1

What do I Need to have, in order to Watch HDTV?

Okay, you just purchased your new High Definition TV and you get it home, you plug it up and you connect your cable box or satellite box to it and turn on the TV and… Hey! the picture on my new HDTV looks the same as my old TV…Why?