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What’s Another Word for Commitment?

Angela asked: I have been dating a man for a little over a year who never says “I love you, care about you, etc.” Other than that, he’s OK, I guess. I’m 50, he’s 53, it’s almost like we are married but I can’t get him to react to my need of…not commitment, but I can’t think of the word?

Angela, there’s a reason why you can’t think of the word, and that’s because there isn’t one. It’s commitment that you’re looking for, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I think, though, that what you need even more than commitment from him is a relationship plan from yourself. You need to work out exactly what it is you want, and helping you discover that is my specialty…


Commitment and Freedom – How Can they Be Related?

The universe is there, ready, waiting to unfold for all of us. The key is being both perceptive and receptive to the suggestions that come forth. In my own life, I know that this means I need to be committed to my daily practice – only through that commitment can I be open to the true freedom available. I’ve learned to stop blocking myself with unnecessary resentment or worry, and to trust that life is unfolding in the way it should, in its own glorious and perfect manner. This is the gift you give yourself when you choose to make the commitment to connecting with the real inner you.


The Death of Attachment

Attachments. Think you don’t have many? Think you travel light, psychologically speaking? We all have attachments, more than we’d care to admit. But what if you let them all go?


All friends – No Benefits?

James asks:

I met this girl at school and ended up falling for her. However, at the time she had a boyfriend who was moving to France. I saw her a couple of times before they officially broke up and then asked her out on a date.


Full-Spectrum Emotion

There’s a big difference between chemistry and compatibility, but sometimes when you’re in the throes of enjoying the chemistry, it’s difficult to see whether the compatibility is there or not, or to convince yourself it’s there when it really isn’t. In the past, I’ve certainly been guilty myself of not seeing the difference, and sometimes that has led to disaster.