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How to Hydrate Your Skin While You Sleep

Did You know: The Best Time to Hydrate Your Skin is at Night A lack of hydration is particularly harmful and devastating for facial skin. When your skin isn’t hydrated, you stand to experience decreased collagen production, increased wrinkles, blemishes, discoloration, a dull complexion and a host of other issues. It’s really simple to rehydrate […]

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Is Buying Perfume Online a Good Idea?

As it is with everything else these days, One of the best places to find the best perfumes for women is online. You can find and buy perfume from hundreds of different fragrances from top new designers to the old, favorite brands at many online sites…

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The Scent of Summer

From lotion to piña coladas, the scent of coconut is synonymous with summer. But coconut has much more going for it than its scrumptious aroma…

Pamper Your Skin - Savvy Woman Blog

Pamper Your Skin

They’re your pores, and for many women the quest for perfect skin begins with “porefection”. Here’s a fail-proof, three-step program guaranteed to give you the pores you’ve always wanted.


Expert Help for Damaged Hair

Damaged, dry locks are the bane of women everywhere. Cutting split ends is key to achieving the smooth and bouncy hair you desire; however, there are a bevy of products, from serums to shampoos that can help save damaged hair.


Beauty Shortcuts

My husband often tries to curtail my grooming routine by reminding me that wherever we are headed, “there’s no fashion show.” Of course, he could not be more wrong.

Danielle Nicolet

Redefining Beauty

Danielle Nicolet traveled a fortuitous path to Hollywood. From her first audition (she got the part) to her recent role on UPN’s “All of Us” (Entertainment Weekly called her “the breakout star of the network”), Nicolet’s career appears carefree. But as we all know, looking gorgeous is never quite as easy as it seems.

Eye and Wrinkle Cream

Love It or Leave It: Eye and Wrinkle Creams

Hope in a jar doesn’t come cheap for those looking to repair and protect the delicate skin around their eyes. From dark circles to fine lines to under eye puffiness, there are a bevy of products that promise to turn back the clock, or stop it all together. But, only a handful of eye creams deliver on their promises to rejuvenate under eye skin.


How Beautiful Are You?

I’ll be the first to admit that more often then not my “beauty check” finds me lacking in some areas. My view on beauty is, if I don’t think that I’m beautiful who will, right? However…