Minding Her Business: Nadine Kelly

Nadine Kelly - Yogi MDName of business:

Yogi MD

How long you have been in business for yourself?:

Yogi MD was founded in September of 2012.

Business product or service:

Yoga classes/sessions best described as medically therapeutic, with the specialty in baby boomers and beyond. Yoga services are also provided for families and children.

What led you to start your business?:

Yogi MD was born out of a need to use my medical background with the well established field of yoga to help clients, regardless of physical ability, not only to stay healthy both mentally and physically, but also to relieve acute and chronic pain.

What kept/keeps you going during challenging times?:

My family and clients keep me going during challenging times with their support.

One lesson you’ve learned during your entrepreneurial journey:

I am stronger than I ever believed possible.

One thing about your business that makes you smile:

The look of relief and peace on a client’s face after class.

Favorite motivational quote:

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

Favorite chocolate:

Dark chocolate


Nadine Kelly - Yogi MD

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