Minding Her Business: Maria Zientara

Maria Zientara of Short and Sweet Tasty TreatsName of business:

Short & Sweet- Tasty Treats, Inc.

How long you have been in business for yourself?:

I have been in business for three years this August.

Business product or service:

Handmade Candy & Caramel Apples, 6 Flavors of Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas, Gourmet Chocolate Pretzels & Treats, Brownie Cones, Caramel Chocolate Marshmallow Bombs, Apple Pie Filling in a Jar

What led you to start your business?:

I started my business at age 40 because I always wanted a candy/treats Mom & Pop business.

What kept/keeps you going during challenging times?:

What keeps me going during challenging times are God, my husband, my kids, and my friends.

One lesson you’ve learned during your entrepreneurial journey?:

I am learning lessons every day on this journey. Keep the customer number one, no matter what. Make only the freshest, finest ingredient products, and persevere. Believe in what you do, and others will too.

One thing about your business that makes you smile:

One thing about my business that makes me smile is serving a cut up caramel apple to folks, and watching them smile!:-)

Favorite motivational quote:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ( although hard to remember at times, it’s true)

Favorite Chocolate:

Dark, preferably with pecans and homemade caramel!


Maria Zientara of Short and Sweet Tasty Treats

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